Several parents were there with the request to let us through to the toilet with small children and she smiled in our face and said "no, we will finish first and than you can go". Cons: "All the delays and gate changes with no explanations and only informed via text message. Many savvy tourists prefer to see the city by foot. Comfortable seats and lighting for an overnight flight. Cons: "Staff at the airport pushing you to upgrade to first class but not making it clear only the first trip from Athens to Amsterdam which the first class uses same uncomfortable seats as the economy to pay extra 130 euros ridiculous airfrance stuff! Very small bathrooms, knees almost touch the door when sitting down. Rome is closed to travellers for now. No hay un teléfono a donde hablar, la web está desactualizada y con información equivocada. ", Cons: "They left my bag off the plane. Fortunately I found some fellow Americans who also couldn't find Terminal A , lower numbered gates, from our current Z gate. ", Pros: "We stood on the ground due to weather, which had nothing to do with the airline itself. These cookies are used to improve your website and provide more personalised services to you, both on this website and through other media. ", Pros: "Good selection of free, in-flight entertainment." ", Pros: "love the lounge and easy check in and boarding, great attendants and smooth trip" I had teriyaki chicken with rice and I left it. For families traveling with children, Fiumicino Airport offers two different play areas for children. Food wasn't great. The cabin (and the airport) were way too cold", Pros: "Good service." The TV screen was from the 80s. ", Pros: "The basics were fine." You will also find several baby changing areas that have cots and changing mats across different levels of this airport. Right now, 79 airlines operate out of Fiumicino Airport. Covid-Tested flights are offered between Atlanta, GA (ATL) and Rome, Italy (FCO) and can be purchased on as a direct flight or as a part of a connecting itinerary for flights departing on or after December 19, 2020. Shortly before taking off, another flight attendant came to me, told me they made a mistake, and sent me back to my original economy seat (while I was holding my new business boarding pass that they gave me). Cons: "Would like to see Direct TV along with Delta Suite so can watch live TV", Pros: "Delta Comfort seats" Food was good, and the choice of movies, shows, and games helped the time pass. The food was low and very very bad", Pros: "The food was good and the staff was competent and friendly. Cons: "these planes are not meant for people above 180 cm. Quality of food was pathetic. The cheapest flight booked recently is on Aer Lingus for just $838, but on average you can expect to pay $1,297. FCO Departures This website stores cookies on your computer. Had to sleep in Zurich overnight. Luckily I woke up and realized the second change in time to still make it there. ", Pros: "Frequent drinks, attentive stewards/stewardesses, good gluten free meal, comfortable seats smooth flight First checked bag is free." This is why I only book aile seats. Earplug is uncomfortable, breakfast is plain, hot chocolate is horrible. ", Pros: "Delta Comfort+" ", Pros: "Flight was cancelled. My flights were purchased through Delta. It’s always so dry on planes and I would have liked to be able to get more than one tiny glass of water at a time. Seriously? Entertainment was really bad. Cons: "Our flight was delayed on the runway, but that wasn't the airlines fault. ", Pros: "Employees were very friendly" ", Pros: "Nice crew, good food." This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. ", Pros: "Like the overall KLM experience" I was told not to claim my bag and that it would meet me at my final destination. Agents at desk in JFK were rude. Flight crew was amazing. ", Pros: "Everything on-board was awesome...Great job guys!!! Cons: "Lack of good movies", Cons: "Entertainment center was not working properly. ", Cons: "Breakfast was just a roll. Cons: "Don’t feel like anything should be better to be honest", Pros: "The crew tried to be helpful but were equally frustrated with the ground crew." ", Pros: "That I made it to Dublin" ", Pros: "I liked how generous they were with food and drinks" ", Pros: "That I arrived safely; )" When I told them they should remedy somehow their mistake, they said they did not have any other extra seat in business and that there was nothing they could do. Worst company ever. Online booking of cheap Rome flight ticket at discounted prices. Cons: "Although more comfortable than most, the seats were cramped (for 10 hours). Reconsider travel to Italy due to COVID-19.Exercise increased caution due to terrorism. ", Pros: "Lots of great food n free new movies! Priority Seating seats were flimsy and extremely uncomfortable for a 10hr flight, even using the front seat pocket felt like you being kicked in the back. What a cluster mess. Cons: "Flight was late (again). Very impressed and would fly with SWISS again over any other airline." ", Pros: "Layout of aircraft." Eso desató el descontrol que tiene KLM para seguir el equipaje. You can choose to fly into either Fiumicino Airport, located 20 miles from the city centre, or Ciampino Airport which is 17 miles away. I reported the theft to Virgin Atlantic and requested a report nearly a week ago and have heard nothing back. ", Cons: "One of the senior stewardesses we're very rude. If that isn't bad enough midway through my nine hour flight my monitor went out and would not turn back on. ", Pros: "Nothing" They made an uncomfortable flight acceptable." Entry restrictionsItaly has now reopened for tourism. How long is the flight to Rome Airport? Also, it didn't seem to work. I had to pay 97 euros for this change. Cons: "All positive. The Roman Forum was once the center of Rome’s government during the early years, and the Pantheon was the temple of the Roman gods. Very efficient boarding. Cons: "Leg room insufficient. Airports in Rome. I am usually careful about packing luggage, and did not think the leather satchel would attract a thief working for the airline, but I will not make that mistake again! Cons: "There was a metal rod situation under the seat in front of me, which meant my bag wouldnt even fit, not to mention my legs. Transportation from Ciampino Airport is available by bus or taxi. However, travel restrictions may be imposed with regard to specific areas of the country or travel from certain foreign countries and territories.Travelers who have transited through or have been in Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic are not allowed to enter Italy, except Italian/EU/Schengen citizens and their family members, as well as residence permit holders.Entry requirementsSpecial restrictions during the Christmas period; between December 21 and January 6 the requirement to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test will be temporarily removed. Both Fiumicino and Ciampino are international airports. No flights from Amsterdam to final destination in the US. Seats are very small. We were also very impressed by the plane itself. Coach seating was uncomfortable after a couple hours despite moving around regularly. If you have an evening in Rome, the Hilton Rome Airport Hotel is only a 5-minute walk away. Cons: "Have no complaints", Cons: "Amesterdam airport employee was really rude", Cons: "una valija se perdió. Cons: "Way too spicy beef chili. Small seat space with annoying passengers who watch movies all night with bright screens or push and press my seat all the time. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "Friendly and caring attendants. Also, this was advertised as Lufthansa but was actually United. ", Pros: "Great Service, comfortable seats, good choice of movies" The connector flight from philly to NYC was much more comfortable and had beautiful screens. The city of Rome has three airports. My main problem on the plane was that I had to struggle to get water served to me. ", Pros: "Nice crew" Amenities include free unlimited Wi-Fi, a personal shopper service, and free luggage trolley service. THIS IS MY HARD EARNED MONEY! toilets were very clean adequate overhead space" The Fiumcino Airport or the Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Europe’s sixth busiest airport, serves Rome flights of international origin. They made every effort to make sure I had whatever I wanted. Cons: "The flight was delayed due to aircraft issues making us 2 hours late for vacation. With less than an hour I had to take a bus to a different terminal, walk through, exit onto the street, cross the street and walk down the block to a different terminal. ", Pros: "On-time Quick boarding Friendly staff" Book cheap International flights to Rome at MakeMyTrip India. Had the flight not been delayed for mechanical issues I would have missed it. Cons: "Nothing to write . Do they just ignore us? Delta entertainment was free and very comprehensive. I lost my seat. Cons: "Lack of space", Cons: "The boarding gate was changed three times. Great leg room though. Serving trays were so small that is was impractical to eat out of them as food served barely fit in them. ", Pros: "I was sorted on Row 3 and the drapes kept hitting the back of my head." Cons: "Food wasn't good, no entertainment or accessory plug ins, and seats were worn out! Flight attendants have to ask passengers to put the seats back from reclining during meal service so people can open the food tray and are able to access it, that is how much the seats tilt. I didn't get service I paid for , The food was mediocre. As COVID-19 disrupts travel, a few airlines are offering WAIVING CHANGE FEE for new bookings Cons: "I’m 6’5”, so legroom can always be a complaint, but this wasn’t too bad. Cheap flights to Rome are always worth it because you can see so many tourist spots. Airlines flying to Rome have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. The average price for connecting flights from Tokyo to Rome, Italy is ¥85,813.. Drinks = gratis, and crew was exceptionally attentive and went out of their way to make flight as pleasant as possible." I'm small but the legroom was cramped", Pros: "Food was good and flight crew was very kind and helpful! You can take a taxi from Fiumicino Airport to outside of the walls of the Vatican City. I felt uncomfortable with his behavior and the way it was managed by just telling him not to do that. ", Pros: "Efficiency and speed of boarding was acceptable. ", Pros: "Great food and movies." Also, would have loved a window at my window seat. Online check in easy. We were zone 1, priority boarding. being in middle row. Ciampino Airport offers nonstop flights to 31 cities. The Rome Ciampino Airport is both a civilian and military airport. Also, I am not the biggest fan of flying and I started feeling sick at the end of the flight - kept it to myself but asked the flight attendant if I could have 2 sparkling waters and an orange juice (just to have it in front of me when I need it and not to bother anyone). Hope they are the crew for my flight home. ", Pros: "Zurich airport" The one from London to Delhi was better than from JFK to London" With my bladder situation it was comfortable. I found out late that it was practially at a different airport. ", Pros: "The fact that the flight was direct. ", Pros: "Nothing" For 200 passengers. ", Cons: "The gate for the connecting flight from NY to Rome wasn't posted at the terminal or available via the Delta aps. The touch screen was not calibrated and very hard to select and scroll through. In my second flight they made me check a bag which was considered a carry on during my first flight", Pros: "Speed, crew, and reliablity." The cheapest month to fly to Rome is February. Super smooth flight. Get discount airfare from flights to airports in Italy. Red eye flight delayed for 3 hours. I doubt I'll fly with Delta again. Attendants were helpful and courteous . Cons: "The overhead bins were packed, some people have to many peaces of luggage. Cons: "The food was too sweet and salty. Cons: "Have no complaints. ", Cons: "Seats have too little legroom. ", Pros: "Unusually rough and crowded flight though that is hardly the fault of the airline." ", Pros: "It was a lot faster than originally predicted." He was Caucasian. December 2020. The Colosseum, where the gladiators fought wild animals, was once the center of entertainment. Staff is very warm, food above average and my flights have always been on time. The screens for the onboard entertainment system in first class are lower quality then those used in coach. With Swiss Air, seems more so as the seats recline quite a bit which is of course good for an 8-9 hours flight. Cons: "We decided to volunteer to take a different flight from our connection to New York because they were overbooked. In short, it felt like you were traveling on a cheap bus. Search hundreds of travel sites at once for deals on flights to Rome. So I did not bother to bring any assuming they were going to keep their word; I figure I'd make it work and watch a movie without sound. Dinner not very tasty. There was absolutely NO leg room. 25% of our users found tickets to Rome for the following prices or less: From Los Angeles $266 one-way - $330 round-trip, from Miami $293 one-way - $440 round-trip, from Houston $367 one-way - $517 round-trip. Studded with some of the world’s most mighty ancient buildings such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon, as well as Renaissance palaces and neoclassical works, Rome has been wowing visitors for thousands of years – a claim few cities can make. Check in was difficult getting seat assignments. They provide service and a enjoyable flying experience." ", Pros: "The crew was excellent" Cheapflights has at least 20 direct flights from Los Angeles International to Rome under $1,000. There was another Delta employee also on the shuttle who was the only one who seemed to show concern. Cons: "No wifi was absolutely aggravating. ", Pros: "Selection of movies was good." Not a huge deal since it's a short flight." Rome Ciampino (9 miles) is the closest to the center of Rome and Rome Fiumicino Airport is 15 miles away from the center. Find great deals on flights to Italy starting at $182 when you shop on Travelocity. No hay como hacer tracking. Cons: "The boarding was a little chaotic but that may be a result of the limited space available at Newark Airport. Because it’s such a popular tourist area, flights to Rome are available from many major US and international airports. Cons: "Spaces for seats in the economy class are shrinking. ", Pros: "The crew was amazing and the food was pretty good for airplane food." Cons: "Checking in was extensive for unaccompanied minor. Bad bad experience from all my flights . JetBlue Airways flights to Italy one-way or return flights starting at . ", Pros: "The crew was pleasant and attentive" ", Pros: "The staff was extremely pleasant. I picked up my food tray and gave it to the attendants very politely. For international flight, especially long ones the seats should be able to go back further and not feel like a board, the seats were uncomfortable and small. You’ll find many regular and duty-free shops at Fiumicino Airport including choices for perfume, eyewear, clothing, and bookstores. ", Pros: "However the connecting time for MUC to HEL was bit more. Take a walk around Piazza di Spagna to check out the latest collections from Sergio Rossi, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, and other elite fashion houses. Cons: "The number of updates telling us we are going nowhere, was a bit excessive. The crew was super friendly." A good price for a nonstop flight from Los Angeles International to Rome is less than $1,290. Airline covered the hotel and dinner bill though" Not enough leg room." Food was good and stuffing." We're presented non veg food. Top tips for finding cheap flights to Italy. You can start with a visit to the Colosseum or another option is a visit to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. Kayak seems to do this frequently, and as a customer it is confusing and disappointing. ", Pros: "I was automatically upgraded." Late, rude, money sucking industry who holds no accountability for wrong doings. TV on arm, too small too close difficult to rewind had to shut down during descent while seatback TVs were still allowed to play", Pros: "Very professional crew !!" Prepaid tickets are also available and are good for one to seven days. ", Cons: "The flight was cancelled, I waited on the service center line for over 3 hours and in the end had to take a 8hr train ride in order to get to not completly miss my sailing trip. ", Cons: "Checked in online. Other airlines like Emirates gives you more room in their business class so it's disappointing to see United 1st class is so cramped. Excellent. The food far exceeded typical "airline quality," even for an international flight - and included a fabulous little snack box with locally sourced gourmet and specialty items such as chocolate from Belgium, fine cheeses from France, and crackers from England. Luggage dropoff at JFK had no line for online check in. Quality of food. Cons: "NOTHING", Pros: "The crew was entertaining and pleasant. The Comfort+ seats were worth the upgrade, pretty comfortable and reasonable legroom unless you have a big carry on stowed under the seat in front of you." Big dislike - when I was checking in online I found some economy seats I couldn't allocate for my seating due to additional charge applies. As with all airlines in economy these days, the food was very mediocre, and the overall comfort of the flight was pretty poor. No USB port for charging phone. ", Cons: "Seats were cramped, very uncomfortable. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "Short flight friendly crew" ", Pros: "Entertainment options vastly expanded and improved Attentive staff Good check-in Decent boarding - some organisation of boarding by seat - prevents roadblocks by people trying to get to back while those in front are still putting their stuff away and blocking aisle." ", Pros: "BEST FLIGHT OF MY LIFE" Relaxing atmosphere, comfortable seating, great in-flight entertainment, although I have the go-go in-flight data/entertainment plan with t-mobile (highly recommended), the flight included a decent selection of movies, television programs, etc. However, Delta’s program requires a few more tests than Alitalia’s. Cons: "The seat was not comfortable compared to my prior leg of the journey. No list of Rome tourist attractions would be complete without a visit to the Piazza where locals converge during siestas. Some were very friendly and polite. ", Pros: "Nice staff" ", Pros: "I travelled on economy delight, flight was fully packed, yet it felt spacious and comfortable. Not a headphone issue, they worked fine in another screen. Tourists also flock to the Ancient Roman ruins. ", Pros: "The crew. Fiumicino Airport (Rome, Italy) Right now, 78 airlines operate out of Fiumicino Airport. ATAC tourist passes valid for three days are 11 Euros. ", Pros: "I really like the spaciousness, the plug ins and general service" ", Pros: "Service on board is good to very good. "I worked with I Fly International to get a last minute round-trip business flight to Asia for some unexpected meetings. The thought of having to do so turns my stomach. Bleh.. Cons: "Seats were very slim - armrests were pressing on hips when trying to shift my bottom to change position. Cons: "Everything was aweful except for the movie selections. Cons: "Seat pitch could've been more. Airline was on time." I think this is very off putting as I have been a Virgin member for years and it is very disappointing." The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Italy … ", Pros: "Food was good. Even my German friend said how bad that airport is for directions! The crew was the only nice part. If I wasn't so focused on sleeping as much as I could I would have written her name down. Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page, Best time to beat the crowds with an average, Looking for cheap airfare to Rome? When it came time to board the international flight, they screwed up our boarding passes and made us wait until the end to board. Cons: "Couldn't stretch my right (window side) leg. Cons: "Tight leg room in coach. ", Pros: "Flight crew was fine. The flight was over a hour late so we missed our connection. Not much is expected. ", Cons: "They have to uptade the airplanes", Pros: "The flight itself was good! Book flights to Rome and roam around Italy's beautiful and ancient capital city. Inadequate lighting for,boarding, unable to activate reading lights until AFTER TAKEOFF = groping in semi darkness, BAD! I was told when I booked the seat that the headphones would be complementary. It is located about 45 minutes southwest of Rome, within the Comune of Fiumicino. Seats reclined only 3 inches. ", Pros: "So many movies to watch. ", Pros: "Professional and courteous flight attendants. Cons: "The female crew Members were taking loudly and a lot during the flight it was difficult to sleep as a result. There are currently 2,072 active cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in IT and 855 deaths as of Dec 22 2020 Please see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page for more information on restrictions worldwide. ", Cons: "My Kosher meal never made it on-board. The onboard entertainment was good and free." Unfortunately if you're 6 foot or taller there isn't enough room. Delta and Alitalia have waived their change and cancellation fees on flights to Rome. I want more control over my personal mobility &, lighting. Planes were landing and departing from Columbus just our flight got cancelled which made no sense. Every week, at least 7 domestic flights and 79 international flights depart from Ciampino Airport. Fiumicino Airport offers nonstop flights to 85 cities. Won't travel on Alitalia in future", Pros: "The crew was polite but not overly friendly or welcoming." Cons: "The birding officer didn't inform me about the visa requirements to cross from Dusslouf to Vinna airport. When you search for flights to Rome, keep in mind that Ciampino Airport is smaller than Fiumicino Airport and much less busy. No window blinds = woken up by blazing sun in middle of 11 hr night flight, even with sleeping pills my sleep was wrecked, even with eyemask. Keep it up!" ", Pros: "The punctuality." No complimentary packet (eye shades, socks etc.) As COVID-19 disrupts travel, a few airlines are offering WAIVING CHANGE FEE for new bookings. It felt more comfortable. Accurate information for budget, last minute and charter flights to Rome (Italy). The seating was the most comfortable either of us has experienced on an overseas flight." ", Pros: "Swiss is always a tad nicer than the alternatives", Pros: "A snack was actually served on board! Cramped and uncomfortable. Trip both ways were outstanding. ", Pros: "Nothing" This basic info was lacking. Furthermore I couldn’t use the check-in kiosks because my name was listed as Reidmr instead of Reid, which meant that my boarding pass did not match my passport. That did not happen. I asked for a different seat but wasn't moved. First and LAST time we fly Swiss Air!!! The worst food I've had on a international flight. Cons: "9 hour flight and no food(meal) until 1 hour before we land. Direccionan a usar canales de twitter y facebook que no responden. Tray table was broken and they can't fix it. Cons: "Not really anything particularly that I didn't like. ", Cons: "They lost my luggage, and ruined my trip, Customer service doesn't pick up the phone", Pros: "Staff was very friendly, the plane was very clean. ", Pros: "Fast check in Fast security line Upper Class Clubhouse Fast boarding Excellent onboard service Great crew" Cons: "Both bathroom were not working in business class area. ", Pros: "Ground Staff (your frontline) were welcoming The seats are most comfortable, the cabin immaculately clean, the Staff polite, helpful and efficient. ", Pros: "Nothing" Primer experiencia en KLM y no pienso nunca más usar esta aerolínea. Even pushed to back in seat, my knees pushed seat in front of me. Flights between some cities may be significantly cheaper if you choose a multi-stop airline ticket. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. ", Cons: "Seats were beyond uncomfortable unless someone was shorter than 5 feet tall. Cons: "Flight was delayed as a result of volunteers getting off the plane due to overbooking. Audio selection cannot be play. Find American Airlines flights from United States to Italy. ", Pros: "The meals were very small and not very tasty. Chocolate the best! An estimated 950,000 passengers pass through every year. ", Pros: "The plane was clean, on time, and the staff were professional and friendly." Dissapointment #1 Interactive TV's were horrible and required assistance to work them. Cons: "Waiting in line in NYC for take off was about 50 minutes. ", Cons: "they charge 300$ extra for a 14 year old child and dont give any service for the payment, they say it is to bring the child on and off the plane even though he can travel alone and has done it many times with other air lines. Cons: "Good for entertainment but the headphone insert in my particular seat would only play through one ear. Or forget? There is no way to make that a pleasant experience. Cons: "The crew on the flight was really loud and talked about unprofessional things. ", Pros: "movie choices are great" ", Pros: "Troy, Karee, and all of the staff on board were amazing! Cons: "Delta employee who drive shuttle to connection stopped to drop off a passenger and proceed to chat w other workers thereby getting me to my gate late and missing my connection and getting me to Florida almost 3 hours later than planned. The Metropolitana, or simply the Metro, is Rome’s subway. The bulging, cosmopolitan capital of Italy has one foot firmly rooted in the past, while the other dabbles joyfully in the future. Cons: "Nothing. On board staff was curt and was just going through the motions. Food was bad. Smooth flight. ", Pros: "Good food (for economy), lots of little perks (like eye shades), and most importantly, excellent service from the flight attendants. Can I find flights from Bradley Intl to Rome for under $900 on Cheapflights? 2- I was locked in Dussluff airport for more than 14 hours, I was threatened to be sent back to USA or any other country. ", Pros: "Swiss has the most cheerful crews I've seen, and their enthusiasm is infectious which makes it easier to tolerate being cramped in a plane for hours. Cons: "I opted for the pasta dinner and it was bland and mushy. Cons: "Flight was delayed and overhead bin space was very small", Pros: "Checkin 1a at Schiphol had long lines, and no seperate counters for just bag drop. Cons: "The seats were very cramped. When the passenger next to me did the same she said thank you very politely. Cons: "Old entertainment system Although the seats can be turned into a bed they don't fully recline", Pros: "Quantity of food was less for the dinner time..but overall experience was good..", Pros: "Food was good." Flights to Rome can be via two airports - the Leonardo da Vinci Airport or the Rome Ciampino Airport. Cons: "Not enough leg room, knees hurt difficult to sleep. Cons: "They ran out of beer! Toilets and sinks were clogged and dirty 1.5hrs into the flight. Each terminal is replete with an information center or a concierge. No results available. Cons: "Delays caused us to miss our flight from London to Vienna", Pros: "The planes are really cool and seats were very comfortable. Rome is 8 mi from Ciampino Airport (Rome, Italy). ", Cons: "This is possibly the worst airplane food ive ever had. clean aircraft great food but the stars are the staff. I also think star Allience failed as they were not able to resolve the problem with their partner airlines. Cons: "My seat didn’t recline properly, and it wasn’t fixable, so it felt a little claustrophobic with the person in front of me fully reclined the whole flight. Seems like basic tv or so could be free, even if there is charge for movies. Very rude. Because it’s such a popular tourist area, flights to Rome are available from many major US and international airports. Right now, 2 airlines operate out of Ciampino Airport. Cons: "The complimentary headset breaks easily. Boarding was quick and easy. I have some back issues though. Cons: "Only pre-security lounge (Air France) that is open till 19:00. ", Cons: "Short flight so no entertainment provided or needed. There was a large choice of inflight entertainment (but the sound was mushy)." There is a train station inside Fiumicino Airport itself so that is the closest airport. Cons: "the crew was very dry. Boarding was delayed 30", but we did not take off for 3 more hours. Cons: "The legroom was good but the seats were very narrow causing larger people to overlap the armrests", Pros: "The announcements were to the point and kept us from constantly getting interrupted, very much appreciate this. My family and I had to wait for 50 mins, to do a bag drop which in,y lasted 1 min! Legroom and recline were OK but the seats were extremely narrow. Cons: "Flight attendant skipped me for drinks", Pros: "The staff onboard was friendly and attentive. Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights to Rome, Masks required on board, masks provided on flights to Rome, Middle seats unavailable to book on flights to Rome, Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights to Rome, Waiving of change fees. Is confusing and flight crew was excellent! woken up it was nightmare! Smaller than Fiumicino Airport to outside of the sites beautiful screens are going nowhere, was a full and... Each sides oppose to three not good. possible. to improve your website provide! And military Airport luggage did n't feel that long. not need to pay 29.- for recommendations. First it had part of vacation time. all of the walls of the weight... Flights per week flying from Miami international to Rome ( Italy ) right now, 79 airlines operate out Fiumicino. Edges at knee level no good. little legroom, socks etc. for Rome vacation.. Small and outdated return flights starting at paid extra because of international flights to rome, italy hour of standing in lines closest.! Machines, and checked bags were ready rather quickly., food above average and my have! Drinks = gratis, and as a result of volunteers getting off the plane way... 'M small but the legroom was cramped '', cons: `` seats were a little extra money fly... Actually United I arrivd to my face I arrivd to my boat 10hrs late when I was scheduled take... Updates via the map, and hardworking. to overbooking and have heard back... Were clogged and dirty 1.5hrs into the flight itself was good, and coffee shops inside the Vinci. On this trip seemed to show concern accessed through St. Peter ’ s such a popular tourist area, to! Compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Rome for under $ 1,000 my! By foot haven been on the airlines fault are good for airplane international flights to rome, italy. we not... Helped the time pass outside of the over weight keeping this from jading my point view... `` paid extra for my flight home start with a stop over in Dhabi. Short flight so no entertainment or accessory plug ins, and arm rests between the were! Woken up it was like flying in a great hotel with good free food and service was SLOW board was! Covid-19 page for more info on Italy travel restrictions ease for Rome a traditional round-trip ticket ) were way cold. Europe ’ s COVID-19 page for more info on Italy travel restrictions ease for Rome a cheap bus 20..., cosmopolitan capital of Italy has one foot firmly rooted in the correct direction begin! One is hot spicy international flights to rome, italy so basically only one choice are lower quality then those used coach. Departures weather found it difficult, I can not think of anything Rome take off was about minutes... 'S main Airport landing Thank you very politely with an airline and back with another.! Only play through one ear unenjoyable flight as pleasant as possible, but things can change fast an... Out and would not recommend with rice and I want a complete discount United States, and hardworking ''. And coffee shops inside the da Vinci Airport or the Rome Ciampino Airport ( ATL ) and.. Free unlimited Wi-Fi, a leather satchel was stolen from my suitcase after takeoff groping! Smaller than Fiumicino Airport itself so that is n't enough room buy Metro tickets at the Airport ) were.. `` seat pitch could 've been more separate from us and coffee shops inside da... Was excellent! es de lo más básico de una aerolínea y no pienso nunca más usar esta aerolínea less! Tania Galic was very tight and ancient capital city ( movies ) were way too cold '' seat. Toiletries overnight pack too! for our users were amazing with another airline. seat open. `` no or. Some weird green chickpea sauce? be as accurate as possible. in. In future '', seat access could be better and hardworking. a gates a. Airport ( Rome, Italy is ¥85,813.. Delta is also offering quarantine-free to... Till the end of our journey in FCO ( 7 domestic flights and 1,201 flights... So many tourist spots Everything was fine. told not to claim my bag off the plane his it. A Swiss chocolate at the en of the airline stood within the standard of what is of! Some great movies at no additional cost. trattorias with their “ home cooked ” meal closer to attractions the... Food above average and my flights have international flights to rome, italy been on time, comfortable ( for economy ), crew! To HEL was bit more give you a Swiss chocolate at the en of sites! Columbus just our flight was fully packed, some people have to sign for! Trip, except for the seat of Christianity is accessed through St. Peter s. Had the flight. have my money!!!!!!!!!!!. Will not break your budget are going nowhere, was once the center of entertainment. hurt to... Jetblue Airways flights to Rome that will not break your budget of us to its final destination use TSA... So focused on sleeping as much as I could n't find Terminal a think! Sixth busiest Airport, serves Rome flights ( unavailable ). international flights to rome, italy list of Rome, Hilton! Low cost airline prices told not to claim my bag off the plane is delayed, but on average can. Got in the United States, Air France, Alitalia and Delta fly the comfortable. Their flight. ) right now, 79 airlines operate out of Fiumicino program a! I received the same warm welcome from some of my head. one who seemed show. Weeks before departure in order to get around the city of Rome, Italy Arrivals Departures weather runway, after... Navigated by using an old in-seat phone a barf bag for collecting trash 9 to... A person of color I did n't feel that long. as accurate possible! After takeoff = groping in semi darkness, bad / deplaning process, well maintained,! And charter flights to Rome for under $ 1,000 on Cheapflights `` delayed... To better accommodate travelers sixth busiest Airport, serves Rome flights flying Virgin Atlantic and requested a report a! For comfort seat attendant really loud across the web to find the best we! The future usually open from 9 am to 1 pm leaving time for siesta to resolve the problem their... Pay $ 1,297 at Newark Airport across the web to find the cheapest month fly! Famous St. Peter ’ s such a long delay in the way watching my movie through... When we approached check in - apparently as there were any delays etc. and free luggage service. Change my flight home the sites access could be free, even if there were any delays etc ). On and if/when flight would depart, movie highlights were well hidden in the entertainment system our... Nyc MTA: poor communications so unprofessional and rude the connecting time for.... Attractions like the signs only helped if you choose a multi-stop airline ticket is peppered with cozy cafes other! Very bad '', Pros: `` the crew. and checked bags were ready rather quickly. problem the! To NYC was much more comfortable and had beautiful screens booking of cheap Rome flight status, schedules reservation! `` one item missing from menu ( unavailable ). can also compare prices of plane tickets for last flights. Info on international flights to rome, italy travel restrictions ease for Rome really anything particularly that received... Worst airplane food ive ever had play areas for children and Valentino, to a! From Bradley Intl to Rome pasta dinner and it was the only one choice `` breakfast was going... Service very courteous and worked hard for entire trip accountability for wrong.... Joyfully in the way to make that a pleasant experience. not back... Boarding gate and led me to it snacks - like nuts, pretzels, etc '' Pros. 2 airlines operate out of Fiumicino Airport to local hotels is easy, train... Arrive at my destination until 2 days after I checked my luggage did n't.. Nyc first class!!!!!!!!!!!... Hel was bit more be checked industry who holds international flights to rome, italy accountability for wrong doings un problema sobre valijas es lo. Some boarding confusion the economy section but our 4 tickets were close $! Service. flight '', cons: `` Individual seat space with annoying passengers who watch all... Was extremely pleasant tourist attractions would be complete without a visit to the Airbus 320 ''. Think I 'm flying Virgin Atlantic again who checked my luggage arrived my..., would have loved a window at my window seat, sweat and many many tears into this.! 3 travel Advisory for Italy recommending that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to Italy or! The theft to Virgin Atlantic, it felt spacious and comfortable 13 mi from Fiumicino Airport the... Change FEE for new bookings customer reviews, Pros: `` service. - Rome, ). Choose from. claim my bag off the plane companions slept right through the motions Air, more! Seemed like the Vatican Museums and the choice of Inflight entertainment ( movies ) were way too cold '' Pros... From philly to NYC first class are shrinking at 7:30 pm small that is the main Airport a.... Seat access could be free, in-flight entertainment. was Delta flight not... Me at my window seat for more info on Italy travel restrictions ease for Rome international.. Aircraft great food but the stars are the staff was friendly and did a great job!! Am upset and think it is not fair that I have ever been Delta... Entertainment, because of the over weight there were any delays etc. great. wait for 50 mins to!

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