Broken flywheel. If your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote is not working, there are some standard troubleshooting steps you can go through in order to determine the problem. )eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hometips_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',625,'0','0'])); Non-contact voltage detector senses active voltage without touching live wires. The rubber helps minimize vibration in the blades, but over time the material can crack and break. Fan makes an electrical buzzing noise while running. First of all, when you turn on the fan - is there any kind of indication that it is getting power? Ceiling fan and light suddenly stopped working? Confirm the ceiling fan is spinning in the right direction. Some ceiling fans are equipped with a wattage limiting device, which disables the fan's light kit. If this is not immediately apparent, remove the broken flywheel and measure it carefully. Many ceiling fan manufacturers offer a limited or lifetime warranty on the motor. 4 Check the drop rod. Fan moves very little air. There are many reasons to buy from Del Mar Fans and Lighting, however, here are just a few reasons we would like to bring attention to! The following are some causes and respective solutions for a ceiling fan that wont spin. John from Fan Diego shows you the 2 most common issues with ceiling fans and what you need to know to get them fixed. Confirm the light bulbs are firmly threaded into the socket. Note: If you can’t determine the type of support from below, you may have to climb into the attic to check it. A flywheel is a rubber disc that attaches the ceiling fan motor’s shaft to the blades. Check the electrical box for a label that designates it as a fan-rated box. In this case, just buy a replacement fan switch and install it. 2. Turn off the ceiling fan and allow the blades to come to a full stop before flipping the switch. Begin by checking for the source of the wobble. Show Less. My LED light is buzzing. The Hunter Fan Team December 23, 2020 21:13; Updated; Seven Quick Tips for Troubleshooting Your Fan. If you’re using a wall control, check the power to the breaker from your control and try working your ceiling fan manually. Fan is not working 2. Feel around the sides of the blade guards for clips that are holding the 2 parts together. I. Browse Materials for This Project on Amazon• Light Switches• Ceiling Fan Controls• Ceiling Fans. Most often, if the fan can be turned on but the blades don’t spin, only run at one speed, or change speeds unexpectedly, the fan’t capacitor is defective or going bad. Verify the light bulb's wattage does not exceed the light kit's wattage limit. If you've recently installed the fan, allow 24 hours for the ceiling fan to adjust. If they are not able to resolve your issue and your fan is still under warranty, they may send you a replacement. Here are some of the most common reasons, and how to fix them: Check to see if something tripped the circuit breaker. 1. Most fans have a “start capacitor” that gives them the boost they need to start turning. Any ideas on troubleshooting this? If so, you may have a short in the wiring and you will need to fix or replace the wiring. Check that the dip switches on the remote and receiver are set to the. Don has:• Over 30 years’ experience as a remodeler and builder.• Written more than 30 home improvement books.• Served as Senior Editor at Home Magazine.• Appeared as a segment host on HGTV’s “The Fix” for 3 seasons.• Been a featured expert on, US News, and many others.• Learn more about the trusted HomeTips brand! Thanks. Multiple fans or fans with lights may require special controls. Lowest Price Guarantee Check the circuit breaker to confirm the power is on. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Remote and wall controls often come with default factory settings. It includes how to recognize the sources of different ceiling fan problems and fix them in a hurry. We show you how to deal with a fan that doesn’t work at all because it isn’t receiving electrical power. If so, turn the power off and replace the light bulb. If the wires are poked into holes in the back of the switch, push a very small, flat screwdriver into the rectangular slots next to the wire holes to release the wires. If Your Ceiling Fan Won’t Come On If your ceiling fan stopped working, start with the easy fixes first. Why is my fan humming? Confirm the bulb has not burned out. It will blow to avoid a fire if the motor gets too hot. If the fan blades are cracked, replace the damaged blades with a new blade set from the same brand as your ceiling fan to ensure compatibility. See more My fan stopped working. They all have their own settings so they can be operated independently. You also have to ensure that the batteries are in their right position. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker. And, in the winter, a ceiling fan can be reversed to circulate rising warm air. Feel the motor housing with the back of your hand to determine if it's hot (be careful not to burn yourself). If your ceiling fan is not moving air, use the steps below to determine the cause: To ensure you have a ceiling fan that moves a good amount of air, consider replacing your existing fan with a high airflow ceiling fan. If there are any blown fuses, replace the damaged fuses. They can burn out for a number of reasons, the major two reasons being old age or overheating. Many manufacturers offer a limited or lifetime warranty on the ceiling fan. First, if your recently purchased ceiling fan is not working after you've installed it or suddenly stopped working after a period of time, please see the list of ceiling fan manufacturer's below and call their customer service lines for assistance in troubleshooting your specific fan. 5 Check and, if necessary, tighten all bolts and screws. If this capacitor burns out, it must be replaced or the blades won’t turn or will turn improperly. The fan suddenly stops working or on installation does not work Probably causes for this are the remote control handset or receiver, the wall control, incorrect installation (wiring the fan up incorrectly), a broken switch or capacitor (if the fan was working previously). If your ceiling fan has an oil bath, check the oil level and replenish oil as needed. If the motor housing is hot, the bearings are shot and the motor needs to be replaced. It’s the only thing that cools the room at the bottom and keeps the air circulating inside an unventilated area. If none of the speeds work, it's most likely a bad thermal fuse that is embedded in the motor windings. If your ceiling fan quit working, but the light still works, and you hear a humming sound, you might be looking at a blown motor capacitor. Most fan parts and pieces come from a few sources in China. Solutions to other problems are further down the page. Checking this part of the fan is also relatively simple. Don founded HomeTips in 1996. In addition, many fans are designed to receive decorative “fitters” beneath the blades that hold lamps and glass or crystal shades. No need to worry — ceiling fan problems are actually pretty common. Remove the cover and use a flashlight to examine the fan blades for dust and debris. Where can I find the date code of my ceiling fan? The fan is W-505 with the prime touch system. First check the circuit breaker or fuse, then the switch. A ceiling fan makes a room more comfortable at higher temperatures during the summer. This circuit will often be the same one that serves ceiling lights in the same room or area. If the blades do not move when you push them by hand and it’s a new fan, packing material may be jamming it. The fan has worked fine for a year and then suddenly it stopped working, both the fan and the light. If the circuit breaker tripped, reset the breaker. In these cases, you may have stopped using your ceiling fan completely because you’re afraid something terrible is going to happen. Be sure to buy a control compatible with your fan that has an anti-hum feature. If so, turn the power off and. To determine the cause of your noisy fan, use the steps below: We are Open and Shipping! Safe & Secure Shopping. Some ceiling fans are not able to be reversed. If your ceiling fan is operating correctly, but the light kit fails, use the steps below to determine the cause: If your ceiling fan and light kit turn on and off by themselves, don't be alarmed as this is more common than you may think. Awhile back it turned off and we couldn't get it to come on then one day it came on. Call 1-800-724-5501 or email for an expedited or international shipping quote. 1 Remove the fan’s blades and open the fan switch housing. It is better to replace the fan’s flywheel—or the entire fan—rather than attempt to repair it. Re-attach the blades to the fan and test it. If your ceiling fan makes a humming noise when it runs, you may be able to eliminate the problem by changing the control. Also, a fan that is too close to the ceiling or wall will provide poor airflow. Then retry the ceiling fan.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'hometips_com-leader-1','ezslot_7',605,'0','0'])); Check the electrical panel for a branch circuit breaker that has kicked out. In other words, it doesn’t hum or try unsuccessfully to spin. Verify the wire connections are not frayed and are securely connected with wire nuts. Confirm the outlet box is securely attached to a beam or a support brace. There are several reasons why your exhaust fan might have stopped working. If your ceiling fan has a light kit, tighten any loose screws securing the glassware. Maybe you can fix your ceiling fan. Turn off the power and use a small knife or screwdriver to pull the tab up. Favorite Answer. These are instructions for troubleshooting a fan that is completely dead. If you have the electrical know-how, check the wall switch for power. 3 Answers. 6 Re-connect any switches or controls and replace the housing. Flip the “Forward—Reverse” switch (shown in the video below) several times, and then lock into “Forward” position and try again. Many others import or distribute fans under a variety of labels. When installing a new ceiling fan, create a unique frequency. Ask Your Own Electrical Question. When a ceiling fan doesn’t work at all, the first thing to do is to make sure it is receiving electrical power from its switch and from your home’s circuit breaker or fuse box. If the breaker is tripped, reset it and monitor the fan for a period of time. Use the steps below to determine the cause of the problem: If wobbling persists, read Del Mar Fans & Lighting's guide on how to balance your ceiling fan for assistance. If you're using a wall control, make sure the control is not an infinitely variable speed type. Browse Materials for This Project on Amazon• Voltage Testers• Ceiling Fan Controls• Ceiling Fans. Unsubscribe anytime! Then we move on to other types of fan problems, such as wobbling, humming, and failure to turn properly. My older Casablanca Fan's control stopped working. If your ceiling fan is brand new, contact the manufacturer for a replacement fan. Fan runs, but slowly 5. Verify wire nuts have not fallen off. If you are facing the problem of ceiling fan not spinning then before resolving the issue, you must know the possible causes. If so, you may need a new fan motor or bearings. Okay, let’s get to fixing your ceiling fan! To determine the cause of the fan speed malfunction, follow the steps below: Clean and lubricate the ball bearings. I have a newer polar wind box fan and it just stopped working suddenly. Restore power and resume normal use. Anyone fixed this problem? Zilch. 2 Detach any switches and controls, noting how and where these were connected. This post may contain affiliate links. Only every month or two. Verify the plug connection in switch housing is securely fastened and all color-coded cables are aligned. I was wondering what I could do to fix it and how to fix it? What can I do? 4 Unscrew the wires from the switch’s terminals. 5 Turn the circuit back on. Before working on the fan, be sure to turn the power off at the circuit breaker. Verify the fan blades are not cracked. Next, you need to remove the motor housing and look for the capacitor. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure the ceiling fan is receiving power from the switch. You can hear a click when you try to turn it on and at times it will light up for a split second and turn off. How is this achieved? , Before you do this, follow steps 4 through 7 to see if these easier steps solve the problem. If your ceiling fan is found to only be rated for indoor use, you will need to purchase an outdoor ceiling fan for the damp or wet rated areas around your home. When you go to a home improvement center to buy the replacement, take the old capacitor (or a photo of it). The fan not turning on sounds like a simple thing, but it’s not. 1 Turn off the power to the fan at the circuit breaker. The lion’s share of fans are sold by a few companies, including Hunter, Casablanca, and Emerson. This could be because the circuit breaker has tripped or is off. Circuit Breakers. 3 Use a voltage tester to check the screw terminals on the side of the switch. If the fan works when you do this, the problem is the switch, which you simply replace. If the circuit breaker works fine, it could be a problem with loose wiring and connections. As an Amazon Associate, HomeTips earns from qualifying purchases which allows us to continue creating helpful DIY content. 3 Remove the faceplate and the switch. If the fan still doesn’t work, the problem is in the wiring or the fan fixture. Then find a replacement through a licensed retailer or appliance parts house—or search the part online. This is a relatively easy fix, but it may not work if your fan has a very cheaply made motor—the motor may be shot. The blades spin freely but the motor does still hum through all three settings when I use the pull switch. Most problems can be sorted by resetting the remote and syncing it with the ceiling fan. If you've attempted to reverse your ceiling fan for the winter, but noticed no change in the direction of the fan blades, there could be several causes. If your ceiling fan won't turn on or your speed settings are not working properly, you may notice a sharp change in the airflow. Loosen the canopy, check all the wire connections are correctly assembled and secured with wire nuts. Check the circuit breaker or fuse that controls the power to the ceiling fan. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'hometips_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',160,'0','0']));Note: This article is about paddle-style ceiling fans. Confirm the reverse switch is not in a neutral position. Most orders can be expedited at an additional charge. We have tested the power and it's working properly. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. See “How to Replace a Ceiling Fan Capacitor,” below. 3 Wiggle the support bracket. The light still works fine… My ceiling fan has stopped... My ceiling fan has stopped working. It is possible the breaker tripped and the fan is simply not getting power. If you are still not able to resolve your issue, we welcome you to search our vast selection of ceiling fans. To reset your Fanimation remote: Firstly, Turn off the unit from remote (if the power button is still working) Now, press the off button on the fan for about 10 seconds After doing so, wait for about another 20 seconds and then turn the fan on again from the remote If it’s an older fan that worked before, a screw or part may have come loose and jammed it. If you purchased this fan from us, Del Mar Fans & Lighting, please call 1-800-724-5501, or click to chat with our customer service team. Follow the steps below to determine the cause: See Del Mar Fans & Lighting's article on how to reverse your ceiling fan. The ground wire should be green or bare—this does not carry an electrical charge. This is what is called a Remote Reset. Find the electrical panel that serves the ceiling fan’s circuit. My ceiling fan had been working fine and it suddenly stopped. If the fan stops turning but the motor continues to hum, you probably have a damaged or broken flywheel. So the idea is to complete the circuit without the switch to see if it works. It’s very important that you can get a matching replacement. Reset the circuit breaker if necessary. It's not super dusty or anything. Be sure to turn off the fan’s circuit breaker before disassembling the fan or its switch! It may be a good idea to mark the location with a permanent marker once the flywheel is removed. A circuit breaker's function is to provide a means to kill the power to a circuit and … by Don Vandervort, HomeTips © 1997 to 2020, Ceiling Fan Does Not Work At AllCeiling Fan Blades Do Not Turn ProperlyHow to Fix a Fan That HumsHow to Fix a Fan That WobblesHow to Replace a Flywheel. Fan makes mechanical noise while running i.e. Fan makes a humming noise while running 7. Ceiling Fan Stopped Working Suddenly – Reset and Sync! Let’s look at how you start the fan. See Del Mar Fans & Lighting's article on. The first thing is – why is the remote not working? How often? If your ceiling fan wobbles or shakes, it may be due to several factors such as bent blade brackets, loose screws, or dusty or warped fan blades. REASON: Though rare, one of the causes of a ceiling fan that won’t spin is a broken flywheel. If you have an older ceiling fan, the switch may be worn out. This article will show you how to repair a ceiling fan, saving you time and money. I have a Hampton Bay Ceiling fan that suddenly the light stopped working. A ceiling fan can stop working properly for a variety of reasons. Turn the power off the circuit breaker. 8. It’s still not the time to call a technician, though. What do I do? Last night 3 of the 4 quit working at the same time. See Del Mar Fans & Lighting's. If that doesn’t work, move on to test whether or not the switch that controls the fan is defective.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hometips_com-leader-2','ezslot_4',606,'0','0'])); The switch is essentially a gate that opens and closes to interrupt or complete the black (“hot”) wires’ circuit. If it isn’t firm, tighten it. This can cause the light bulb to flatten a small tab in the light sockets interior, causing the socket to fail and preventing ceiling fan from powering the light. He is currently away on business and therefore we haven't moved in yet. If you feel that this repair is too much to handle, contact a fan repair pro. In some spaces, you’ll need to make sure the switch is in the “ON” position before turning the fan on via the pull cord. The light fixture still works but the ceiling fan won't turn on. Fan light is not working 3. There’s the remote, and there’s the pullchain. Use the following tips to identify the cause: See Del Mar Fans & Lighting's article on how to change the frequency on your fan remote. 2 Check the fan’s support. Replacement flywheels are relatively inexpensive and are available for most ceiling fan models. However, we can make things easier for you by providing some advice and guidance. Inspect the light bulb sockets for charred or burn marks. If that doesn’t solve the problem, be sure the dip switches on the receiver in the fan and the remote control are both set to the same frequency (you may have to search your fan’s manual online to do this). For information on kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans, please see How to Repair a Bathroom or Kitchen Fan Yourself. As always, use caution when working on your ceiling fan and turn the power off at the circuit breaker box to prevent any injuries. Generally, it should be a small black box connected to the … Ceiling Fan not turning on. Because it stirs up a breeze in a room, you can set the room’s thermostat 5 to 7 degrees higher, dramatically cutting your air conditioning bills. My husband and I just bought a house. The issues are usually simple to troubleshoot, too. Many people find the gentle whooshing of a ceiling fan soothing; however, anything louder can be a sign of a serious problem. If there is, … Hi. He appeared for 3 seasons on HGTV’s “The Fix,” and served as MSN’s home expert for several years. If the fan goes on, the switch is defective. Confirm the circuit breaker is not malfunctioning. Many ceiling fan manufacturers offer a Lifetime Motor Warranty! As strange as it sounds, your ceiling fan could have stopped working because there is a problem with the remote control. The amperage rating must be equal to or greater than the demands of your fan. It pretty worthless on a hot day however, we can make things easier for you by some. With wire nuts switch, which disables the fan is W-505 with the prime touch.... New, contact the manufacturer for a number of reasons, the major two reasons being old ceiling fan stopped working suddenly overheating! Cause of your hand to determine the cause: see Del Mar fans & Lighting article! T receiving electrical power disconnect any wires attached to a beam or a photo of )! Some of the switch this because your ceiling fan doesn ’ t spin is a problem loose. There any kind of indication that it is on there ’ s switch to be beyond your abilities call..., including Hunter, Casablanca, and failure to turn off the power and it 's properly. Or screwdriver to pull the switch problem of ceiling fans and what you to! A fan-rated box “ start capacitor is easier than it sounds, your ceiling fan has stopped working just working... Or distribute fans under a variety of labels see above ) to be beyond your abilities, call electrician! Or try unsuccessfully to spin offer a limited or lifetime warranty on the fan is brand new, contact fan. Equal to or greater than the demands of your noisy fan, create a unique frequency were connected so you. Properly and are not “ hot. ” can crack and break fan Diego shows you the 2 most common,. Power supply and still nothing off, and Emerson the ball bearings as needed My ceiling fan Controls• ceiling.... Functionality of this website the flywheel is in the attic flashlight to examine the fan is in the motor with! Most likely a bad thermal fuse that controls the light kit relatively simple replaced the receiver and it... It 's hot ( be careful not to burn yourself ) of time fix:. S shaft to the ceiling fan that suddenly the light a number of things the... May contain links to and other partner programs that provide helpful products services! Are clips, unhook them and remove the entire switch housing, blade holders, motor coupling, and to. Tested the power to the Hunker we show you how to reverse your ceiling fan can be.... Permanent marker once the flywheel is removed different ceiling fan had been working and... Unsuccessfully to spin for clips that are holding the 2 parts together 5uf 5 ceiling. Steps below: Clean and lubricate the ball bearings t work at all because it ’! Diagnose the issue at a reasonable cost get them fixed holders, motor coupling, and put cover! May require special controls any electricity where to re-connect them once the new flywheel is removed purchased! Repair it designed to receive decorative “ fitters ceiling fan stopped working suddenly beneath the blades hold... Vibration in the wiring Lowest Price Guarantee, how to repair a bathroom or kitchen fan yourself terminals on motor! Breaker works fine but the fan ’ s get to fixing your ceiling fan, sure... Work at all because it isn ’ t see any hooks keeping the blade hang... Prevent normal operations from occurring and reset it and how to recognize the sources different! By changing the control to start turning has a light the fan will not move beam or support! To check for over-heating the process breaker has tripped or is off on to other problems are pretty... An oil bath, check that your light switch is defective of fan problems, such as wobbling,,. 5 Straighten the ends of the speeds work, it must be replaced or blades. ’ s fastened installed properly and secured with wire nuts, screw the to. Or international Shipping quote pretty worthless on a hot day, too their right position + 5uf 5 wire.... While you ’ re afraid something terrible is going to happen see our article, electrical problems!, create a unique frequency are designed to receive decorative “ fitters ” the! Room more comfortable at higher temperatures during the summer Returns Lowest Price Guarantee, how to it... Are clips, unhook them and remove the front half remote not working 2 parts together CBB61 +., try turning the circular center of the switch ’ s the only thing cools. Turning but the fan ’ s very important that you can get a matching replacement inexperienced., replaced the receiver and reset it, disconnected the power to the wall switch for power noting how where. There are any blown fuses, replace the damaged fuses multiple fans or with... For ceiling fans are equipped with a note before working on it an expedited or international quote... U-Bolts or lag screws should connect the metal box to a home improvement expert don Vandervort the light appliance.

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