It is a best solution to find peace for mind or body because of the busyness of our today’s lifestyle. Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students – Warm Greetings to one and all! It is a universal language and helps in uniting people. For some people music runs in their veins and they cannot imagine their lives without music. It helps in experiencing a range of emotions love, despair, happiness and sorrow, to name a few. It plays a very important role in the life of people who are living their life alone or live under a lot of pressure in any form. The prominence of music in the recent times cannot even be envisaged. Music has a great significance in Hindu culture and mythology. Thus, everyone must cultivate love for music because it is one of the forms of art that soothes you in distress and energizes you in your happiness. Music has a great impact on the development of human brains; research shows that active music creation helps in increased language development, improving school grades, better social behaviour, and developments in spatial-temporal reasoning, which is a cornerstone for problem solving skill. The good thing is that music is now travelling across borders and people are accepting each others’ culture and forms of music with great zeal. We can have pop music, opera, sad or slow music etc. As music has many varieties thus it is also used for communicating messages or feelings. Choice of music may vary from person to person; some like classical and some may prefer western; some enjoy films songs and some may be confined to ghazals or Kawaallis. So let’s know a little more about music and what defines music. Music has been an integral part of human life in all forms of culture since the primeval times as history which is now proved by the archaeological evidences has been found replete with musical instruments such as drum predates, bone flutes, etc. These benefits include mental benefits, such as reducing stress, improving mood, helping depression, and improving IQ/memory. Through the daily practice of music, my depression was released and I gained confidence. on Persuasive Speech – Benefits … As this is my first day as a music teacher, I would like to begin it by saying a few words on music. When we listen to music, It helps us in releasing stress from our mind as well as from our body. Music is of various types such as rock, jazz, classical, raga, pop, flat, country, chamber, folk etc. It is a potent medicine for a dull and monotonous life as it revitalizes one’s life and makes it vibrant. Perhaps the most important effect that dancing has on us is that it acts as a social glue. Music helps in maintaining body balance physically as well as mentally. Improves mood. The most vital aspect of music is the emotional enhancement that it provides for any human being who listens to it. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. No matter what variations there are in the patterns of the different forms of music today, all of these have emotionally helped the individuals in all kinds of situations. Keeping this in mind we thought that on different occasions, you may be required to deliver a speech on music whether you are a teacher or a student. Outline: Persuasive Speech: The Importance of Arts in Education. “If music be the food of love, play on.”  –William Shakespeare. Frequent repetition of these phrases helps patients turn their sing-song speech into normal speech over time. Now we stand as proud teachers of so many students who with their exceptional talent in singing and playing musical instruments are taking the world by storm and are slowly and gradually expanding their horizons. In today’s hectic, selfish and crowded world, music helps us in keeping our mind relaxed during hard and difficult times and helps us in preventing anger. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Today, our music school has completed five successful years and to celebrate this auspicious moment, our management committee has organized a celebration. Babies in the music group had stronger brain responses to the disruption in both music and speech rhythm in both the auditory and the prefrontal cortex, compared with babies in the control group. In fact, the language and cultural barriers meltdown with music and this help in breaking the boundaries of the countries. Hire verified expert. Music can have real positive effects on a person’s mind and soul. This is because it is believed that music has a direct connection own self and therefore, it helps an individual to relax and reflect upon the various facets of … You must not wear earphones while you are travelling or walking on the road because it is highly dangerous for everyone. Studies have shown that when kids engage and actively play classical music, they have a higher IQ and a better ability to think in depth or creatively. It also helps in removing negative energy and thoughts from our body and mind. mode: 'thumbnails-rr', Two sources include a typescript of a speech given in 1960 for the National Federation of Music Clubs and an article from 1961 that appeared in The Christian Science Monitor. Music is quite similar to yoga. Read on to learn why music education is so important, and how it offers benefits even beyond itself. For instance, you can feel and hear music and it has the power to transport you to a different world altogether. Classical is also not as popular Related Questions. This is all I have to say! They can tell each other what to play, deal out instruments and tell them how to play (e.g., “you play fast” or “you play loud”) and use commands like “start” and “stop.” Consider introducing members of the group with a “hello” song or leaving with a “goodbye” song. Music can influence heart rate and has even been shown to improve blood pressure levels. Some even prefer to express their emotions, reservations and opinions about various issues through music. importance of solar energy in our daily life, As Greek philosopher Plato has put it, ‘Music for the realization of soul’, makes it an essential part of. Music complements one’s life and it has the capacity to energize people in their days of distress. Music Increases Happiness. 6 Tips to Transform the Process of Video Editing Using Artificial Intelligence, The Most Popular Content Categories In YouTube And Here’s Why You Should Know About It. Goddess Saraswati, the lord of education also holds Taanpura; the instrument is also a symbol of peace and harmony. So what better than adopting writing itself as a profession? In fact, if one has the heart to listen carefully, then music is spread throughout nature and all around us. I, Kabir Ranjan your host for today evening, would like to thank you all for making to this annual celebration and always giving your cooperation in the growth and success of our academy. But for many of my neurological patients, music is even more – it can provide access, even when no medication can, to movement, to speech, to life. But excess of everything is bad. Music Theory for Beginners: Learn to Read Music - Shabby Chic Boho 19 October, 2020 at 08:08 Reply […] to play an instrument has a whole slew of benefits for both the body and brain. It may also imply that sounds are so combined that it leaves a pleasant impression on our minds. However, you cannot term every sound as music and it is only when different sounds are combined to produce melody and harmony to please our ears can it be called as music. For me, music is my energy and it is as important as oxygen. What music does to our lives, cannot be put down in words in a complete way because words are too short to express the same. I am feeling very obliged in being a part of such a great school. How music has evolved. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});